Pre/Postnatal Fitness Consultation

Dr. Heather Ross is a Chiropractor and Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP-CSEP) with a special interest in prenatal and postnatal fitness. At Seaside she offers pre and post natal fitness consultations. Whether you are an athlete, new to exercise or just need some advice on how to exercise safely during the pre and postnatal periods Dr. Ross will be there to help guide you.

Pregnancy is a time when the female body goes through many physical changes in a short period of time. Participating in an individualized exercise program enables you to maximize the ability of your body to adapt to these changes. Pre/postnatal fitness consulting offered by Dr. Ross is tailored to your goals and abilities. These sessions are offered on a one-on-one basis to better assess your individual needs and to successfully achieve your goals.

During these sessions you will be provided with valuable information on the physical and physiological changes expected during pregnancy and how to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy. How to get relief from common pregnancy related discomfort such as low back and pelvic pain and tips on maintaining good posture and proper body mechanics. Dr. Ross will help guide your exercise routine throughout your pregnancy to help maintain your strength, endurance and mobility and help prevent to onset of pregnancy related aches and pains.

What to expect?

Initial history, exam and physical testing:

Dr. Ross will conduct a thorough history and physical examination

to determine your goals and identify any weakness that should be


Personalized Exercise Plan

Based on the initial history, exam and your goals Dr. Ross will

develop an individualized exercise plan. She will tailor this plan to

your ability and goals.

Exercise Plan Demonstration and Education

Next you will meet with Dr. Ross to review your exercise plan so that

she can ensure you are preforming the exercises correctly.  She will take

the time to educate you on the value of exercising throughout your

pregnancy and post pregnancy period as well as offer advise on what

exercises are safe to perform and what exercises you should avoid.


After you receive your exercise plan Dr. Ross will be available for

regular training sessions and/or to re-evaluate and update your

exercise as needed.